Quiet, oil-lubricated and oil-free compressors. The SILVER-LINE compressors are available in standard configuration as well as individual compressor solutions.


Oil-free and quiet compressors as well as vacuum pumps, available as customized single units or ready-to-fit complete systems.

Beverage Industry

Indivual systems and industry solutions of compressed air supply for dispensing systems.


Robust/mobile compressor units in oil-lubricated and oil-free variants for demanding use in trade, agriculture and industry.

Beverage industry

The compressor range for beverage systems covers the total demand of compressed air for dispensing equipment.

For control of gas pumps in the beer dispenser, for syrup pumps in post-mix (bag-in-box) systems or for stretching and emptying beer and wine tanks, the compressors have become the preferred solution in dispensing systems worldwide.

Also for the compressed air supply of N2 generators and any kind of dispensers, the quiet compressors are best suited.

The use of oil-free compressors in dispensing technology can save considerable costs instead of CO2. Drawing losses and the risk of accidents caused by CO2 are reduced to a minimum.

All compressors are equipped with automatic condensate drain system. A filter regulator with automatic drain is included as standard.

The air tanks are internal coated and protected against corrosion. Only stainless materials are used for bolts and fittings.

Safety equipment, pressure switches, temperature and overcurrent switches are available on each compressor.

The drawing volume is important for the right compressor not the number of connected pumps.