Quiet, oil-lubricated and oil-free compressors. The SILVER-LINE compressors are available in standard configuration as well as individual compressor solutions.


Oil-free and quiet compressors as well as vacuum pumps, available as customized single units or ready-to-fit complete systems.

Beverage Industry

Indivual systems and industry solutions of compressed air supply for dispensing systems.


Robust/mobile cast iron piston compressors in oil-lubricated variants for daily use in trade applications.

MASTER-LINE piston compressors

Robust/fixed cast iron piston compressors in oil-lubricated variants for heavy use in trade and industrial applications.

MASTER-LINE screw compressors

Screw compressors for high performance and reliability compressed air supply in trade and industrial applications.

MASTER-LINE screw compressors

Stationary screw compressors for high-performance and reliable compressed air supply in trade and industrial applications.
The following product features apply to the MASTER-LINE piston compressors:

  • oil lubricated screw compressor up to a maximum pressure of 15 bar
  • Motor power from 5.5 kW to 37 kW with a voltage supply of 400V / 50Hz
  • Stationary unit optionally with air tank up to 500 l
  • Ready for installation in compact design
  • High reliability and performance
  • Reduced noise level due to optimum sound insulation
  • Very quiet operation
  • Easy assembly, no foundation anchoring necessary
  • Low variations in the compressed air line
  • Efficient air cooling
  • Intuitive operation with automatic operation mode
  • Long maintenance intervals, low maintenance efforts
  • High quality standard of generated compressed air through integrated filter stages
  • Suitable for continuous compressed air supply (100 % duty cycle)
  • Extensive optional accessories available

Screw Compressor Module (made in Germany)

  • German construction work
  • Robust housing made of cast iron
  • Very high-quality components
  • Internal housing and drive shaft made of high-quality steel
  • Designed for continuous operation of up to 24 hours a day under different working conditions
  • Life time up to 100.000 hours
  • Special design of cooling and oil separation ensures very pure compressed air

Electromotors (including Siemens)

  • IE3 brand quality, among others from Siemens
  • Drive motors are protection class IP55, insulation class F
  • Built-in temperature control and cooling optimized housing
  • High efficiency
  • High reliability
  • Long lifetime

Switching and Control Technology (CMC)

  • Switching technology from CMC Controls Europe
  • Energy-saving by demand-orientated control
  • Control unit P1 and S1

Integrated dryer

  • Very powerful refrigerated dryer ensures high-quality, dry and clean compressed air

Oil / air filter and oil separator

  • Easy and quick exchange
  • Minimum compressor standstill times during technical maintenance
  • The oil content of the compressed air is reduced to a minimum by a powerful oil separator
  • Additional air quality increases through optional retrofit table filters

Model overview