Quiet, oil-lubricated and oil-free compressors. The SILVER-LINE compressors are available in standard configuration as well as individual compressor solutions.


Oil-free and quiet compressors as well as vacuum pumps, available as customized single units or ready-to-fit complete systems.

Beverage Industry

Indivual systems and industry solutions of compressed air supply for dispensing systems.


Robust/mobile compressor units in oil-lubricated and oil-free variants for demanding use in trade, agriculture and industry.


The PLATIN-LINE series is an ecological compressor generation with special focus on a quiet operation and high quality standards. The oil-free piston compressors are available in sizes up to 145 l/min displacement.

The compressor systems are standardly equipped with a filter pressure regulator and assembled with a support frame. As an option, every model could be equipped with a sound proof cabinet and a base-plate including an integrated cooling fan.

Additionally we offer oil-free piston and rotary-vane vacuum pumps. Those extremely solid units guarantee an easy handling and can be upgraded with accessories and equipment without any problems.
Beyond that the vacuum pumps are characterized by long lifetime components and a low-maintenance operation. In combination with easily replaceable maintenance-parts a carefree usage is guaranteed.