Quiet, oil-lubricated and oil-free compressors. The SILVER-LINE compressors are available in standard configuration as well as individual compressor solutions.


Oil-free and quiet compressors as well as vacuum pumps, available as customized single units or ready-to-fit complete systems.

Beverage Industry

Indivual systems and industry solutions of compressed air supply for dispensing systems.


Robust/mobile compressor units in oil-lubricated and oil-free variants for demanding use in trade, agriculture and industry.


Customised and system solutions for side channel blowers.

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Our side channel blowers are a versatile and efficient solution for various applications that require continuous air generation. Here are some important points that characterise this type of device:

Functionality: Side channel blowers utilise the principle of side channel compression, where a rotating impeller draws in air and directs it into a spiral-shaped chamber where it is compressed. This allows for a continuous flow of air and constant pressure.

Versatile application: These compressors find application in various industries, including packaging, food processing, environmental, medical and more. They are particularly suitable for applications that require pulsation-free airflow.

Efficiency and reliability: Side channel blowers are characterised by their high efficiency and reliability. They require little maintenance and offer a long service life with consistent performance.

Compact design: Thanks to their compact design and low-noise operation, side channel blowers are space-saving and can be easily used in various environments.

Adaptability: With various models and configurations, side channel blowers are customisable to the specific requirements of different applications.